Located in a small but eclectic space in the heart of Wellington Ontario.  The Sybil Frank Gallery, offers fine art ranging from contemporary modern to landscapes, a bit of whimsy, and bold sculptural pieces.


Named after the owners Grandmothers, Sybil and Frances, (she was always known as Grandma Frank), we try to create a story through art that honours and emulates the memory of both these amazing women; one, bold and daring, who could command attention just by waling into a room, and the other graceful, elegant and ethereal.


The gallery represents a collection of artists both locally and from across the country.  Sybil Frank promises to be an art experience where one can find unique talent with vision, artistry and the unexpected. 



Sybil Frank Gallery

305 Main Street (on West Street0

Wellington, Ontario K0K 3L0



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